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A new state art museum - the state - has opened in the heart of Sikeston, Missouri, just a few miles from Wilder Park. The museum showcases the region's rich agricultural heritage and houses more than 1,000 artifacts from Missouri's past and present. The exhibition rooms house a large collection of historic agricultural tools and implements from the Missouri Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources (MODNR), including a variety of agricultural tools, implements and tools from around 1880 and the early 20th century. Inside the Nature Centre, there are activities for all ages, including wildlife viewing areas, a nature garden, an outdoor amphitheatre and a children's playground.

Why you should go: The museum offers a wide range of exhibits and exhibits from the Missouri Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources (MODNR). In addition, they host a variety of special events each year, including the annual Missouri State Fair, the state's largest annual festival. Why you shouldn't go: The Sikeston Missouri Museum of Natural History and Art (SMIMA) offers an extensive collection of traveling performances by local and national artists, as well as exhibitions and events.

Why you should go: The museum, which includes two log cabins from around 1800, houses a wide range of exhibits from the Missouri Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources (MODNR). Granny's Antiques is located in Sikeston, Missouri, and houses one of the largest collections of antiques in the state, as well as a large collection of antiques and classic cars.

Why visit: The Natural Resources Museum in Sikeston Missouri (MODNR) is the result of a community that has studied the effects of World War II, the Civil War, and the post-war period.

To make the most of Sikeston's resources, we strive to provide a home for our residents. We offer apartments and surroundings, and you take home what we have provided for you.

Take a look at these 9 child-friendly Missouri museums that will make learning fun while on a family vacation in the Midwest. Get wild history in the Missouri wilderness with these museums you want to visit on each of them.

Perfect for ages 7 to 107, this will be a great introduction to the history and culture of the Great Plains, from the early days of America to the present day.

In November 1861, Union troops occupied the town of Bloomfield, Missouri, and printed the stars and stripes on the walls of their headquarters with the words "Union Army of the South." In honor of this historic moment in the history of the USA, we dedicate the "Stars and Stripes Museum" to the United States of America and the stars and stripes on its walls.

On March 13, 1942, Earl and Agnes Lambert and five employees opened the first Wal-Mart store in Sikeston, Missouri, south of St. Louis on the Missouri-Arkansas border. In 1968, Sikestone became the site of the world's first Walmart store and also the site of the "First Wal Mart" store, which was to be built outside Arkansas.

The Natural History Museum of Sikestone displays dairy cows, cow's milk and other agricultural equipment from the Sikeston Dairy Company.

Learn about Missouri animals that you may not see every day, and learn about some of Missouri animals that you may not have seen yet. See the Cherokee tribe crossing the Mississippi and marching through Missouri on a forced march to Oklahoma. This exhibition tells the story of the journey of one of America's oldest and most famous tribes, the Cherokees.

A Mississippi made by fans and competitors of karting and motocross restaurants, and a version of this address can be purchased at the Missouri Museum of Natural History in St. Louis.

If you have time for something like that, you could visit the Bootheel Agricultural Museum, but why go? They offer a re-enactment of the Civil War Battle of Gettysburg and a story of why you should go.

The museum's westward expansion offers a reenactment of Lewis and Clark's exploration of the country. The site was rebuilt to represent Fort Osage as it was in 1812 and features a replica of its original fortifications as well as other historic buildings and artifacts.

For the little guys and girls who want to touch the beautiful things, the Arabia Steamboat Museum offers guided tours. There is also a lively history in the form of a self-guided tour, which takes place every spring.

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