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The St. Interstate 57 bypass is the longest interstate in Illinois, but can become a traffic nightmare if you enter coordinates 37 - 23. The highway crosses rural and agricultural areas, including part of the Shawnee National Forest, through most of Illinois. Take a photo The St. bypass, I-57, is bypassed by the Interstate 37 bypass, turns into an Interstate and turns left at the intersection of Interstate 35 and Interstate 55.

The US Army Corps of Engineers has drawn up a plan to build an atoll in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Hawaii, about 1,000 miles north of St. Louis.

If you need a night or longer stay, the Sikeston Suites Hotel and Lodge on the south side of the atoll is a great option if you want to do just that. Hotels & Rates includes all the hotels and lodges you want to know, whether you choose a budget or comfortable hotel. If you have an exit to stay elsewhere in Marion, or want to splash out a little more, there are many luxurious hotel options.

The hotel has an outdoor restaurant, which is also ideal for groups, and guests in a hurry can use the Hampton Inn Run's breakfast bag. In addition to the complimentary breakfast served daily, they also behave like a restaurant so their guests can quickly take a bite.

For maps, walking and transit information, visit Bing Maps and the official MapQuest website. Select the 57 bus stops below to get up-to-date real-time timetables and see their routes on the map, or cross the road to get up-to-date traffic information and road conditions. Get directions via Bing Maps and select Bus Stop 59 below, which you will find in an updated "real-time" timetable to see the route map and find a live Stations of the Cross - road map.

The map shows the cities and urban areas that do not fit on a single map sheet. If your destination or route is not marked as such, please indicate it on the map.

East and West Interstate, including I-95, Interstate 55, I.K.R.I.T., Interstate 57 and Interstate 35. You can also find a map of the East-West Interstate in Kansas City, Missouri. Follow I / 95, stay on Beltway 395 North, take the exit and drive approximately 15 miles and turn right onto Route 13 to Carbondale. Take Interstate57 to the west And then east on Route 14 to Route 16 to St. Louis City.

Follow the Z.S. to the exit I-55 on the east side of St. Louis City, Missouri. The exit is called I.K.R.I.T., or Interstate 57, which splits off I / 57 in Memphis.

Turn left on Oak Park Avenue, turn left on the Travel South 57 Freeway and right on I-55 to the I / 55 exit in Memphis.

Stay north on Highway 42 and end at the eastern terminus of I-210; prior to 2002, this intersection was entirely bounded by part of I / 210. The junction is located on the east side of Interstate 210, south of San Dimas Boulevard. From the south, it's to Glendora, while from the north, the campus is just off 107th Street and the access ramp is in SanDimas. This highway ends at Interstate 55 southbound and continues north on Interstate 5 to the University of Southern California (USC) campus exit.

Heading east, I-70 descends into the Sevier Valley, serving the Tushar- and Pahvant ranges north of San Dimas and south of the San Fernando Valley.

Mapquest provides a detailed map of the San Fernando Valley and Siskiyou County, Missouri, with information about hotels, restaurants and attractions.

Take Center Street to I-80 West, turn right to Marion, stop at the traffic light and you will enter the San Fernando Valley through the Siskiyou County Sheriff's Office. From South 80, take I / 57 West and turn left, then take Center Street to South Main Street and then right on Center Avenue.

The highway starts in Chicago on Interstate 94 and ends at Interstate 80 in San Francisco, California, south of the San Fernando Valley. There are 20 stations on the way, including one in Siskiyou County and two in St. Louis, Missouri.

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